There aren't many at the moment but we hope the number will grow rapidly. Keys are part of the underlying database system on this site which links names with publications, records, maps, pictures etc. There are links from taxon names in the key to all other taxon data in the database. There are also links from database details on each taxon to one or more keys in which it may occur.

These are not intended to be sophisticated electronic keys. They are intended to be straightforward to use, and to link directly to other data about species contained in the database. They are also intended to be useable in printed form away from the computer. Keys can be natural, artificial, tabular etc. If you can type it, we can use it.

Please contact Paul Kirk for more details if you would like to contribute a key (and get some feedback from users).

Key to Exidia - a key from Peter Roberts, who would appreciate comments and, especially, dried and documented collections, Peter Roberts
Key to Peziza - an updated key from Brian Spooner (published in the Forayer); comments appreciated and, especially, collections which do not fall withing the limits of characters given in the key, Brian Spooner
The genus Acanthostigmella, Paul Kirk
The genus Bankera, Gordon Dickson
The genus Hericium, Gordon Dickson
The genus Hydnellum, Gordon Dickson
The genus Hydnum, Gordon Dickson
The genus Lembosina, Paul Kirk
The genus Lichenopeltella, Paul Kirk
The genus Microthyrium, Paul Kirk
The genus Morenoina, Paul Kirk
The genus Phellodon, Gordon Dickson
The genus Plicaria, Brian Spooner
The genus Sarcodon, Gordon Dickson
The genus Stomiopeltis, Paul Kirk
The genus Taphrophila, Paul Kirk
The genus Tubeufia, Paul Kirk

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