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Vankya ornithogali (J.C. Schmidt & Kunze) Ershad, Rostaniha 1(1-4): 66 (2000)

Uredo ornithogali J.C. Schmidt & Kunze, Schwämme: 5 (1819)
Ustilago ornithogali (J.C. Schmidt & Kunze) Magnus, Hedwigia 14: 19 (1875)

Descriptions, Lists & Icons:
D: in Mordue, J.E.M. & Ainsworth, G.C., Commonwealth Mycological Institute, Mycological Paper No. 154: Ustilaginales of the British Isles: 96 pp. (1984), p. 55
D: in Vánky, K., European Smut Fungi: 570 pp. (1994), p. 369

Conservation Status: Vulnerable / D2 (Red Data List, Evans et al. 2006) as Ustilago ornithogali

Urocystidaceae, Urocystidales, Incertae sedis, Ustilaginomycetes, Basidiomycota

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