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Jerry Cooper

MycoRec is a simple database package designed specifically for recording fungi. It can generate a variety of reports and labels and is capable of importing and exporting data from/to the Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland.

The database includes a British Isles Checklist of fungus names and synonyms, covering all the records in the Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland and many more names used to record fungi in the British Isles. The checklist should be updated regularly from this site.

The database is written in Microsoft Access 97. It can be installed as a stand-alone, free 'run-time' without purchasing Access. However, the run-time does not allow you to customize the database for your own special requirements. MycoRec can produce simple reports, but Word97 is also needed for the more sophisticated Word reporting facility.

MycoRec is designed to work with other programs. It can directly export and format species reports into Microsoft Word97. In addition, MycoRec can generate the data files necessary for Alan Morton's DMAP program to produces simple distribution maps.

Access2000: MycoRec can be converted into Access2000 and appears to work together with the reporting facility to Word2000 (using the Word9 Object library) although it has not been tested rigorously. I would not recommend trying to install A2000 and A97 on the same PC as there are a number of 'features' (messages like, 'There is no license on this machine'; loss of the text ISAM driver - used for exporting record text files; loss of the reference to the Word97 object library). All of these issues can be fixed manually with some effort. I will not be creating an A2000 run-time version simply because the A2000 run-time is considerably larger than the A97 version. A converted version is now available to download.

To Install MycoRec

Download the set of zip files for either the run-time version or the version for use with Access97. Unzip each set of files into a directory called Disk1, Disk2 etc, or extract onto floppies. You will require an 'unzip' utility such as WinZip. Read the Readme.txt file on Disk1 for further instructions. You should check below to see if you need to update the GBCHKLST and Association files, i.e. component files dated later than the MycoRec version date.

If you are already using Ern Emmett's recording package and you wish to transfer your data then please contact Paul Kirk.

Update Files

The British Isles Checklist of fungal names will be updated frequently (GBCHKLST.MDB). You will need to download the latest version and replace the copy in the directory where you installed MycoRec. In addition to the GB CheckList there will also be updates to the Associated organisms file (Association.MDB). The user interface file (MycoRec.MDB) may also be occasionally updated. All of these can replace the existing files. Your data is stored in DATA.MDB which will not be affected.

NB. It is recommended that when upgrading you download and replace only the files that have changed. However, it should be possible to install a later version over an existing version and it should leave the existing DATA.mdb containing your records intact, although I haven't tested it. In addition, you should be aware that running the Windows 'Add/Remove program' utility in Control Panel will remove all the files, including the DATA.MDB - and any existing data with it! Always make backups before you carry out updates or re-installations.

The Files

Full Program with/without Access run-time

MycoRec Program - for use with Access97 (Version 17/02/00)

Disk1 Disk2 Disk3 Disk4 Disk5 Disk6

MycoRec Program - standalone 'runtime' (Version 17/02/00)

Disk1 Disk2 Disk3 Disk4 Disk5 Disk6 Disk7 Disk8 Disk9 Disk10 Disk11 Disk12 Disk13

Individual components

MycoRec Interface (Version 17/02/00) MycoRec.MDB

GB Checklist of Names (Version 21/10/01 - compact MycoRec version) GBCHKLST.MDB GBCHKLST.ZIP

GB Checklist of Names (Version 21/10/01 - full version) GBCHKLST1.MDB GBCHKLST1.ZIP

Associated Organism file (Version 21/10/01) Association.MDB Association.ZIP

Word version of MycoRec document (Version 08/02/00) MycoRec.DOC

Word Report Template File (version 06/12/99) BMSReport.DOT

Version of: 17/02/00

Oops. The last version was complied on a PC with Access2000 and Access97 installed which makes the Mycorec.MDB file unsusable on PCs with Access97 alone installed. It would produce a runtime error message when you load the program. Thanks to Microsoft for making life difficult for those of us developing under both platforms! Sorry about that. Thanks to David Antrobus for alerting me.

Changes since version of: 13/12/99

Re-created corrupt(?) disk images. Removed annoying message from 'Record Update' form

Changes since version of: 13/7/99

Entering year information - field blanked. Added short-cut keys for forms. Changed BMS Export routine to include extra fields. Altered 'Update Current Name' routine to pick up additions to the GB Checklist as well as taxonomic changes.

Changes since version of: 7/7/99

Update current name facility.

Word report now has field and section selectors. Word styles modified in 'Incertae sedis' removed from word report. Misidentification flag field added. Addition of 'simple' recording form for fast keyboarders. Better facilities for entering synonyms and new names. Report for tracing new names and synonyms. Literature references now incorporated into main data data table. This last change has altered the structure of the main records table in DATA.MDB. People using 7/7 version should mail me for details on transferring data files across.

Changes since version of: 19/7/99

Fixed disk image problem. Numerous 'features' fixed. Word report now includes family level output and duplicate lines are deleted (BMSReport.DOT has changed). Date interval reporting now works correctly. 'Tagging' feature tidied up. Some changes to label and packet layout.

Running a reports now check how many records in set before continuing. New form to view existing records in read-only mode (courtesy of Paul Kirk).

Disclaimer (as an 'occasional' software developer)

MycoRec has grown organically rather than being designed and coded to high standards. It was originally put together for my own use in what little spare time I have and I will never charge for it. If somebody wants to rewrite it properly then please do so - as long as you also give it away. If somebody wants to pay me to develop it properly then I'd be happy to do it - as long as it remains free of charge.

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